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If you lead an active lifestyle... odds are... it's not a matter of if you will get hurt, but when.

Purpose driven Massage Evaluates the cause the cause of pain, Finds solutions, Educates  and empowers clients to a more Healthy, Pain free, Active life!

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I am truly honored to have the opportunity to help you with your condition. My passion for freeing my clients from pain and/or restriction is what drives me as a massage therapist.
Your first treatment with me will include a very detailed assessment, important pain science education and a very precise, focused massage. Your session should not be painful as the goal is to change your body’s relationship with pain and limitation.

About Jim

A nationally certified and Ct. licensed massage therapist. Jim began his health care work in 1976 as a graduate of the Saint Francis Hospital School of nursing where he worked as a Medical/Surgical Nurse.

He was inspired by his work and the things he learned to go to massage school at the Ct. Center for Massage Therapy in 1995, where he later became an instructor.

In 1997 Jim began his Purpose Driven Massage Therapy practice, complimenting the healing work of a holistic Chiropractor in Glastonbury.

Jim is having the time of his life helping others get more out of theirs!