Purpose Driven Massage Therapy

Jim Mangan

I have been a client of Jim Mangan for years. I was referred to Jim by a Chiropractor in Glastonbury.  As I am a Divisional Sales Manager with responsibility for the six New England States and the Empire Region of NY State I spend a significant amount of time in the car driving.  Most of my issues are muscle related with pain in the neck, low back and legs due to the time I work at the Computer and Driving.


Jim does a great job of asking for the areas of concern and applies deep massage therapy on me to loosen up the muscles and take away the pain.  Jim always suggests exercises and techniques for me to follow in between massages to be as pain free as possible.


In addition to having excellent Massage Therapy skills, Jim has many other great attributes.  He is attentive to my body language during massage and is able to determine what level of pressure is needed without me saying a word.  Jim has a great personality and I am very comfortable with Jim as my massage therapist.  I would highly recommend Jim to anyone in need of a deep tissue massage.


Rich F.