Purpose Driven Massage Therapy

Jim Mangan

My experience with Jim Mangan as  a massage therapist has been unique and rewarding.  Jim has a special way about his approach, making it completely comfortable to receive the massage.  He accomplishes this in many fashions:

1.    He takes a holistic approach to conducting his needs analysis.  While not being invasive, he is aware of and professionally addresses emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues and opportunities while attending to his primary physical work.

2.    When he works on an area that requires special therapy, Jim clearly employs his knowledge about all the muscles, bones, ligaments, etc. and goes about working on bodily issues/points of concern in a very unique way.  His expertise about the body allows his to target areas in a very comprehensive fashion, unlike any other massage therapist I have experienced.

3.    Jim also is sensitive to the kind of massage a client might want, including then amount of pressure applied.  He is careful to check with me on a regular basis to insure that I am comfortable and pain-free.

4.    The other unique characteristic about Jim is his presence.  He has an energy that is disarming, comfortable, and safe, creating an environment of trust and respect.  He takes his work seriously, while having a soft and gentle way about him.

Jim also offers tips and suggestions regarding posture awareness/self-care and goals that would benefit the client.  His coaching is customized to each individual, and he doesn't seem to tire of offering help verbally or through the use of massage therapy.

Overall, Jim's energy is aligned with his intention; to create an optimal healing environment and experience for each and every client.  He has a caring, focused, and sincere approach to helping the client return to a state of comfort.

Having had appointments with several other massage therapists, I can say unequivocally that I have never experienced the rewarding, rejuvenating, and healing experience that  get each time I see Jim.  I am grateful for the work he does and the way he does it!

                    Anna A.