Roster of Testimonials

1.    "Before I met Jim I thought my sports days were over"

"At the urging of my wife, who had great success with massage therapy, and the suggestion of my chiropractor, I overcame my initial skepticism and made an appointment with Jim Mangan of Connectivity Purpose Driven Massage Therapy.  Jim listened carefully to my history, issues and goals before beginning massage treatment.  The results were immediate.  I regained flexibility, my pain was significantly reduced and I felt like a new person."

2.     "I spent too much time in a car and behind a computer"   

"Jim does a great job of asking for the areas of concern and applies deep massage therapy on me to loosen up the muscles and take away the pain.  Jim always suggests exercises and techniques for me to follow in between massages to be as pain free as possible."

3.      "truly blessed to know you"

"You are a very special person who is passionate about helping others to heal themselves.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts of a perceptive awareness of the body and a sensitivity to the needs of others."

4.       " I am grateful for the work he does"

"My experience with Jim Mangan as  a massage therapist has been unique and rewarding.  Jim has a special way about his approach, making it completely comfortable to receive the massage.  He accomplishes this in many fashions:"