Take an hour... Allow yourself to breathe deeply , relax, reflect, recharge.  Place yourself in the capable hands of the Connectivity Massage therapist.  With Purpose Driven Massage Therapy you can trust that you will receive caring, intelligent and individualized attention.



Jim Mangan is the owner of Connectivity Purpose Driven Massage.  In practice since 1998, Jimís work has evolved to specialize in facilitating recovery from injury, pain reduction,  promoting relaxation, and helping clients explore the underlying causes of their symptoms.


A nationally certified and Ct. licensed massage therapist, Jim began his health care work in 1976 as a graduate of the Saint Francis Hospital School of Nursing where he worked as a Medical/ Surgical Nurse.


He was inspired by his work and the things he learned to go to massage school at the Ct. Center for Massage Therapy in 1995, where he later became an instructor.


In 1998 Jim began his Purpose Driven Massage Therapy practice complementing the healing work of a holistic chiropractor in Glastonbury.


Jim utilizes a totally integrated approach to restoring body, mind, and spirit.  He achieves this by helping his clients identify the purpose for each massage, whether it be relaxation, pain relief,  improved sports performance,  or increased energy.


He combines orthopedic assessment,  myofascial release, deep muscle massage, neuromuscular retraining,  and active and passive stretching techniques to assist clients in becoming more aware of their body and to move toward a more healthy and pain free, active life.


Jim is having the time of his life helping others get more out of theirs.


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